How Can I book?

Booking a Go Bella stylist is simple. Just go to "Book an appointment" on the site menu and follow the easy booking steps.

On which days and times is Go Bella active?

Go Bella operates from 6:30am to 10pm Weekends 8am to 10pm.

How much time before can I book?

You can book your appointment with Go Bella up two hours before. Our system checks availability in real time.

How can I be sure of my reservation?

After completing your purchase you will immediately receive an e-mail and a confirmation text message with all the information you need to prepare yourself to receive our treatment.

Can I make direct agreements with a Stylist?

All appointments can be booked exclusively through In making the reservation you can choose your favorite stylist.

Can I also book personalized services that are not available in the price list, such as a beauty party with friends or my daughters?

Go Bella is happy to accomodate any request contact the Go Bella team for a more personalized experience.

What happens if the stylist causes any kind of damage to me or the space I make available?

All our stylists are insured. To report any problem you can contact the Go Bella team.

Something didn't satisfy me, what can I do?

If something didn't work, don't hesitate to tell it to your stylist. Contact customer service immediately so that we can provide a solution.

What services does Go Bella offer?

Please refer to the list of services under the main menu to check a list of all of our available services.

Why is Go Bella not a normal salon?

Go Bella brings the salon to your home, office or hotel. Seven days a week from 6am to 10pm, weekends 8am to 10pm.

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

Just a few simple things to do to make the most of your Go Bella time:

1. Have a well lit area close to an outlet available.

2. Hair should be washed and partially, not soaking, wet ten minutes prior to your appointment time.

3. If its a mani/pedi day please have a chair or stool for you and your stylist.

4. Relax and enjoy!

Can I book a service in my office?

Of course, if you think you have the space conditions to do it and ... privacy. If you do not have any avaiable water supply Go Bella offers a dry blowout.

Are stylists both men and women?

Yes; Go Bella is an inclusive company employing the best stylists.

When booking, you can freely choose the stylist that you believe is closest to your needs, also depending on the treatment to be performed.

Can I ask to use my products and tools?

The stylists are equipped with all the tools and products needed to perform the treatments. On request they can also use your tools; at their discretion, however, consider whether the treatment will have the same result and the choice is yours! Disposable instruments are provided for aesthetic treatments.

How can I be sure Gobella is at my door?

When booking, you can select, among those available, the stylist you prefer. In the appointment confirmation e-mail you will find the name of your stylist.

All stylists wear a Go Bella uniform and can present proper identification.

How are Go Bella stylists chosen?

Our stylists must have the appropriate professional qualification and education completion to provide the services. Go Bella employs a small group of stylists that we trust and that are carefully chosen after a extensive interview and trial process.

How can I change or cancel an appointment already set?

By sending an email to

What are the cancellation policies?

If you cancel 8 hours before the appointment you will not be charged.

If you cancel less than 8 hours Go Bella will reimbuse a 50% refund of the service or you can reschedule the service within 30 days.

If you cancel 2 hours or less before the appointment Go Bella will charge the full amount or you may reschedule the service within the following 2 days of cancellation.

Please note Go Bella only allows rescheduling after cancellation one time per customer.

Can I add more treatments during the appointment?

Yes, you can add other treatments during the appointment if the stylist has availability. To do this, you need to create a new order on our site.

The stylist is late, how can I tell if they are coming?

If the delay exceeds 15 minutes, you are authorized to send an email to Go Bella will reimburse you the full cost of the treatment through Paypal.

If I'm not present when the stylist arrives, how can I notify Go Bella?

Send an email to; if the delay exceeds 15 minutes it will not be possible to provide the service and the client will be charged the full cost. In special cases, only if the stylist has no other appointments scheduled it will be possible to have the original ordered service.

What happens if the stylist I have chosen can no longer go to the appointment?

If the stylist that you have choosen is no longer available for any inconvenience, Go Bella will send you another stylist upon notice.

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